Silent Disco Vibe's "Immersive" Yoga Series

Silent Disco Yoga blurs the lines between many art forms.

March 22nd, 2018 in Houston Texas marks the kick off for Silent Disco Vibes "Silent Disco Yoga" series - which has a strong focus on melding art forms & deepening the experience of art through "fully immersive experiences". The event is at 215 Grove St. 77020, from 7-11PM.



7PM: Doors & Opening Space

7:45: Group Meditation & Live Sound Healing

8:00: All Levels Yoga led by Taraney Vigil from Houston Healing Circles

9:00:Binaural Meditation / Savasana

9:30 - 11:00:SILENT DISCO!!

Imagine opening your eyes to see projection soaked walls breathing colorful patterns, with rays & beams of lights shining and glimmering over your head - while deeply entranced by music playing at the perfect volume in your ears, with the smell of burning incense lingering from the distance.

This is what to should expect from this event, but it doesn't stop there.

Massage Therapists & Healers will have a section for a community healing - and are available for sessions help you relax. Vendors of all shades - Natural Apothecary, Jewelry, Clothing, Hemp Products, Art, & More.

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DJ Lineup

Dan Bain b2b Ross Kelly (Soul / Groove)

DASHR (House & Techno)

DJ Karlos (Latin Beats)

Visionary Painter and artist Christopher Morphis from Morphis Art will be in the building & live painting with the flow of the evening.


Earthney Healing will also be showcasing a Featured Selection of Jewelry & Spiritual Apothecary.


Don't miss out.

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