What is a Silent Disco?

What is a Silent Disco?

Something I will never forget is the first that moment I stumbled into a Silent Disco, without headphones on. Imagine this - I was surrounded by people laughing, dancing, shuffling, falling over, jumping up and down, singing, screaming, connecting, and overall having a ball, but here's what was so strange about it...

Silent Disco Has People Talking.

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In an era where event production seems to be every wannabe disk jockey’s hobby, there are no disagreements that many events are “losing the flare”. How many times have you gone to a club and been grossly underwhelmed, standing around with people you don’t know, can’t relate with, drinking overpriced fizzy water, contemplating whether the DJ brushed his hair this morning... you get the point.

It’s time to change events as we know them.

Look, now I’m not saying that good parties don’t exist. If anything, I make it my personal goal to attend everything I feel is worth being at ~ whether it’s a fully immersive EDM Festival, or a classy cocktail party, I just never want to feel like I’m.. “missing out”.

And trust me, if you haven’t been to a Silent Disco, you are definitely missing out.

What is a Silent Disco you ask?

Silent Disco is a hybrid between a wild party and a social experiment. Using wireless LED headphones, attendees can choose one of three channels to tune into ~ and according to what they are listening to, their headphones will change colors! Red, Green or Blue.

The results are unforgettable, and engage community and socialization in an entirely new way. See, there’s something really special about connecting with someone over music ~ and to be able to look around the room and see who’s sharing your love for a particular DJ, genre, or favorite track is really exciting.

Not to mention that if you want to talk to that boy or that girl, it’s as easy as tapping them on the shoulder and taking your headphones off! No more yelling over loud club music to connect with somebody.

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Needless to say, event promoters everywhere are losing it over Silent Disco.

In fact just a couple months back, my good friend Andrea, who is an Event Coordinator and Wedding Planner based out of Houston, Texas had run into a serious problem planning one of her events. One of her clients was having a Gala at an unconventional space, and due to issues with acquiring a city sound permit, they were worried they may have to cancel the DJ or change the venue!

That was when I talked to her about getting Silent Disco Vibe involved. See, with Silent Disco, City Ordinances and Sound Permits aren’t an issue because everything is isolated in the headphones ~ it truly is a Silent Party (less a bit of shuffling around and maybe some drunken laughing).

Her clients were blown away, and the Gala was unforgettable for everybody who attended.

Silent Disco Vibe has countless success stories like this, we even have earned our stripes doing a Silent Disco Yoga.

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As of now, Silent Disco Vibe is curating Silent Disco in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans & beyond. Through our partners we strive to bring the best to every event we work with, and all of our clients say we are the best Silent Disco Company in Texas.

If you or someone you know is interested in teaming up with Silent Disco Vibe, or you want to throw your own Silent Disco ~ please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Silent Disco Vibe, we have a large inventory of Wireless LED Headphones ready to rent for your next party ~ and years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Is a Silent Disco what your city needs? Let's bring the vibes.